Workday Go-Live: When the work really starts

A man's hand launches paper aeroplanes representing Workday Go-Live

Preos’s latest Workday Optimisation report considers what happens after an organisation’s new instance of Workday goes live.

And it’s not always pretty. 

The path to Workday implementation is well-trodden and, from a technical perspective at least, Workday can be up and running through a tried and tested methodology.

But most issues emerge once the system is being used – or worse is not being used – by your people. This is because traditional Workday methodology focuses purely on the technical side of implementation.

The people elements – change management, stakeholder relations, communications, training, user adoption – are all to often overlooked. 

It’s unsurprising then, that when Workday doesn’t deliver the anticipated benefits, it is almost always because of people issues, rather than problems with the system itself. 

Which is why we commissioned original research to understand what goes wrong, and how to address it. 

Why Workday Go-Live is just the start

Based on candid interviews and surveys with organisations that have implemented Workday over the last three years, the report identifies five areas of focus for long-term Workday success, post-go-live. 

In summary, these keys to Workday Optimisation are: 

  1. User experience – Get feedback to keep your systems and processes relevant to the needs of the user and the business
  2. Change management – Start change management early and continue post-go-live
  3. Support structure – Set up a strong team and define ways of working
  4. Integrations – Prioritise critical platforms / processes and invest from the start
  5. Prepare for new releases – Create your road map and release management plan.

Under each heading, the report provides practical steps (19 in all) that organisations can take to ensure sustained success in Workday Optimisation post-go-live. 

The report also includes four ways to improve any Workday implementation project. 

Click this link to download your copy of the report: Why Workday Go-Live is just the start. 

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