Workday releases frequent updates to enhance and broaden its functionality, including both biannual and regular weekly releases.

The releases can mean that customers struggle to keep on top of Workday’s release schedule, or simply don’t have the bandwidth to take full advantage of these updates. 

With Preos Release Management you can ensure you’re staying informed and fully leveraging these updates to maximise the value of your investment into Workday.

Keep pace with and fully leverage Workday’s regular updates and releases.

Ensure you’re maximising Workday’s capabilities to get the most value from your investment.

Employ a repeatable and rigorous process for adding new functionality to Workday.

Our flexible service can be adapted to your needs, whether you need help structuring and embedding processes, or want an end-to-end service.

case study

When a leading UK bank experienced unexpected changes on their Workday home screen after a feature release, Preos intervened with a release management plan. It restored internal confidence and prevented future surprises. It also enabled the bank to benefit from Workday’s weekly updates.


ask yourself

  • Are you sure that your security model is meeting audit requirements?
  • Do you have doubts about your configuration and data integrity?
  • Have you fallen behind with Workday’s latest features?
  • Are you getting the user experience you expected?
  • Are going through an organisational change and feel unsure how your tenant will cope?
  • Did you go through a rapid deployment which left you with a lot unfinished?

Preos can help.

Whether you want to manage Workday releases in-house and need support in structuring and embedding this process, or you want an end-to-end service for release management, Preos can help you take full advantage of the continuous enhancements that Workday releases and realise the associated value.

Preos takes the pain out of release management so that you:

  • Benefit from new features that enhance performance, compliance and the user experience.
  • Know the Workday release cycle and can prepare your adoption roadmap.
  • Have a process for prioritisation, impact assessment, testing, change management and deployment.
  • Can embed your release processes sustainably into existing support activities.
  • Have a repeatable and rigorous process for adding new functionality to Workday.

Our clients value the flexible and scalable partnership they have with Preos, which provides the precise support they need for each release management cycle.

This varies from training and coaching on how to make the most of the release cycles, to complete feature analysis, impact assessment and implementation planning.

what does release management with preos look like?


Preos Discover icon - binoculars

Understand your existing release process.


Preos Assess icon - Magnifying Glass

Review adoption backlog, identify the issues in your existing release process, compare to best practice.


Preos Recommend icon - Lightbulb

Prioritise unadopted features, recommend improvements to existing release process and release governance.


Preos Optimisation icon - Cog

Embed release process,
coach and support deployment of backlog.


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