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Step into a world where your team are upskilled, your dedicated WES consultant knows your organsiation and where improving your Workday tenant is the main focus.

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What is Workday Enhancement Services (WES)?

Workday Enhancement Services (WES) is a partnership model to optimise your Workday experience. WES goes beyond traditional ticket-based services by focusing on proactive problem-solving and continuous improvement.

You have a dedicated consultant who knows your organisation and tenant, provides root cause analysis and coaches and upskills your team. Our goal is not just to manage issues, but to foresee and prevent them. With WES, you’re not just getting a service; you get a partner for enhancing your Workday.

What’s wrong with AMS?

AMS, or Application Management Services, traditionally leans heavily on a reactive mindset. It’s centred around ticket resolutions, hours logged, and sticking to service level agreements.

But here’s a question: Do you find yourself caught up in endless rounds of ‘ticket ping pong’, diverting attention from your main business activities?

With AMS, tickets often bounce back and forth between your team and the provider. This can lead to frustrating delays—thanks to miscommunication, team members unfamiliar with your organisation’s intricacies, or simply inexperience. And amidst all this, there’s a glaring oversight: there’s hardly any emphasis on extracting greater value from your Workday investment.

With WES, you gain more than just day to day support. You get a partnership model tailored to you to maximise return on your Workday investment.

Workday Enhancement Services – Let's switch things up.

“We’ve seen an evolution in our team, they feel more empowered, more productive, and they feel that there is a real partnership with their WES consultant”

– Stephen Barnett, Head of Global Reward and HRIS, IFCO 

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Why consider Workday Enhancement Services (WES)?

  • Your designated WES consultant understands your organisation and tenant intimately to provide personalised support. 
  • Consultants provide root cause analysis with best practice recommendations.
  • Regular scheduled contact with your consultant eliminates the need for tickets to bounce back and forth, saving you time and expediting issue resolution.
  • You upskill your team with coaching from Workday-certified experts.
  • Enhance the value you get from Workday. 
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