Workday Enhancement Services
WES - Let's switch things up

Workday Enhancement Services (WES) is your proactive and value-adding upgrade to traditional Workday Application Management Services (AMS). 

We focus on preventing issues, continuous improvement, and upskilling your team. Your designated, certified, and highly experienced WES Consultant knows your tenant and organisation intimately.

They ensure your Workday is more than just functional.  It’s about pushing it to deliver more value and making your Workday investment work harder for you and your organisation.

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What is Workday Enhancement Services (WES)?

Workday Enhancement Services (WES) offers Workday Customers an alternative to traditional Application Management Services (AMS).

WES focuses on proactive problem-solving, continuous improvement and strategic partnership to optimise your Workday experience. With WES, you have a designated, highly experienced Workday-certified consultant and point of contact who understands your organisation and tenant intimately.

Unlike Workday AMS, WES provides root cause analysis, helps you get more value from Workday, manages releases and backlogs and provides expertise to upskill your team. We go beyond managing issues to foreseeing and preventing them.

With WES, you’re not just getting a support service; you get a partner for enhancing your Workday.

“We’ve seen an evolution in our team, they feel more empowered, more productive, and they feel that there is a real partnership with their WES consultant”

– Stephen Barnett, Head of Global Reward and HRIS, IFCO 


What’s wrong with AMS?

AMS, or Application Management Services, traditionally leans heavily on a reactive mindset. It’s centred around ticket resolutions, hours logged, and sticking to service level agreements.

But here’s a question: Do you find yourself caught up in endless rounds of ‘ticket ping pong’, diverting attention from your main business activities?

With AMS, tickets often bounce back and forth between your team and the provider. This can lead to frustrating delays—thanks to miscommunication, team members unfamiliar with your organisation’s intricacies, or simply inexperience. And amidst all this, there’s a glaring oversight: there’s hardly any emphasis on extracting greater value from your Workday investment.

With Workday Enhancement Services (WES), you gain more than just day-to-day support. You get a partnership model tailored to you to maximise return on your Workday investment.

Workday Enhancement Services – Let's switch things up.

What You’ll get with Workday Enhancement Services

Internal Capability Building

Our focus on building your internal capability and confidence means your organisation becomes less dependent on external support.

A Beacon of Best Practice

Benefit from expertise as we bring industry best practices to your organisation and coach your team. 

Continuous Strategic Improvement  

Get more than a basic functioning Workday solution. Evolve alongside your business roadmap and priorities. 

Matched Consultants

Your WES Consultant is matched to your needs and is always certified and highly experienced.

Never Lose Paid Hours 

We review usage monthly and repurpose unused time for additional optimisation work, maximising the value of your service.

Root Cause Analysis 

No short-term plastering over issues here. We identify and solve issues at their core for lasting resolutions.

Post-go-live Support, Roadmap Planning and Release Management 

We partner with you to get more out of Workday in the long term, clear release backlogs and support you through future releases. 

Access to Extended Capabilities

Benefit from expertise in Change Management, and Consultants with Global experience and statutory knowledge of time tracking, benefits and more.

Strengthened Workday Relationship

We support your engagement with Workday to give you the joined-up solution you need. 

Preferential Consultant Access

Priority access to consultants for projects beyond the standard service model leveraging existing in-depth tenant knowledge for more efficient project delivery. 

Tiered Support Levels

Choose the support level for your organisation’s needs. 

Cross-functional Team Access

Partner with a skilled team proficient in all Workday SKUs. 

A Dedicated Point of Contact

Personalised service ensuring continuity.

Proven Value 

Monitor and understand the value of support with a monthly summary of support activities. 

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How does Workday Enhancement Services compare to AMS?

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