Workday Application Management Services (AMS) Hidden Costs Calculator.

The Workday AMS Hidden Costs Calculator helps you see how your AMS budget is spent, enabling you to identify non value add activities and make informed decisions about your Workday AMS strategy.

Why use the AMS Hidden Costs Calculator?

Application Management Services (AMS) are integral to most Workday customers, yet AMS is rarely measured by the value it adds.

  • The calculator breaks down your AMS expenditures, revealing hidden costs that might be eating into your budget.
  • Often, over half the AMS hours you’re paying for may be administrative or not add value.
  • By identifying unnecessary costs, you can ensure that every spend on AMS contributes to your system’s performance and your business’s success.
  • Once you know your real costs, you’re in a better position to renegotiate terms with your AMS provider or explore alternative Workday support models like Workday Enhancement Services.