Workday Roadmap Planning

We review and enhance your project and change management capability to help you implement new releases more effectively.


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We review your Workday investment pipeline and your in-house capability to implement new releases.


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We assess where there are capability gaps and opportunities to improve long term planning for Workday.


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We define and set up your Workday roadmap planning and prioritisation process.


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We leave you with an actionable roadmap plan of future demand and a process to efficiently maintain it.

ROI Maximisation

Workday needs to be aligned to you HR and Finance strategies and functionality needs to be continually improved to drive value for the business

Quarterly or Half Yearly Check Ins

The use of Workday needs to be audited, in the context of current and planned releases, to ensure the business is using solution aligned to need and is rolling out enhancements

Improved Performance

Comes from using a roadmap as a foundation for improving performance in the use of Workday. The roadmap will need to be iterated at least every six months to ensure it aligns to business needs and reflect the Workday release plans

  • The roadmap is long term view of how the organisation will improve Workday. Delivery of incremental improvements by the business, and AMS partners, will inform the need to alter the roadmap as will the Workday release plans
  • The roadmap needs to be wider than Workday. It needs to consider how the wider HR and Finance ecosystem should adjust to drive great levels of automation, increase compliance and reduce business risk. Integrations with other solutions, such as ServiceNow or Salesforce, also need to be actively managed in the roadmap.


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