The Preos Core System & Process Review delves deep into your Workday setup to give you a comprehensive assessment of your core configuration, processes, data, support, and governance to ensure it is fully optimised and delivering a return on your investment.

It addresses common challenges and uncertainties organisations face while using Workday, providing you with a comprehensive health check of your tenant.

From there, we offer recommendations for improvement, making sure every aspect of your Workday setup is performing at its best so you can get the most out of Workday.

Our experts optimise Workday to align with your business priorities for maximum benefit.

A detailed health check of your tenant uncovers areas of improvement so that you can use Workday functionality to its fullest.

Helps ensure smooth transitions during reorganisations, mergers, or acquisitions.

Feel confident that your tenant is secure and meeting audit requirements.

case study

Rentokil, a British FTSE100 company, acquired Terminix, a renowned US company listed on the NYSE. To ensure a seamless transition, Preos was engaged to conduct a Core System & Process Review.

rentokil case study

ask yourself

  • Are you sure that your security model is meeting audit requirements?
  • Do you have doubts about your configuration and data integrity?
  • Have you fallen behind with Workday’s latest features?
  • Are you getting the user experience you expected?
  • Are going through an organisational change, like a merger or acquisition, and feel unsure how your tenant will cope?
  • Did you go through a rapid deployment which left you with a lot unfinished?

Preos can help.

core system & process review key areas

Existing business processes and approval framework, identifying issues and modelling the impact of process changes.

Data quality and accuracy, prioritising critical data fields.

Unadopted features and modules, suggesting quick wins and an adoption roadmap.

Opportunities to improve governance processes, global principles and embed best practice.

what are the benefits of a core system & process review?

  • Receive honest, pragmatic recommendations tailored to your business priorities and future plans.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our long-term solutions designed for cost predictability.
  • We identify and resolve data challenges to give you confidence in your Workday security model and data integrity.
  • Gain clear, actionable insights for informed decision-making aligned with your goals.
  • Benefit from our project management expertise, guaranteeing smooth integration of new processes for enduring success.

Example of a supervisory organisation analysis


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