Case Study: A Core Systems & Process Review for Rentokil

Rentokil, a British FTSE100 services company, acquired Terminix, a US NYSE company, in December 2021. Preos was engaged to perform a Core System & Process Review in preparation for the tenant merge. 

The Challenge

Rentokil had gone live with Workday ten years before its acquisition of Terminix. The initial rollout was limited to partial populations and was, functionally, limited to Core HCM. Adoption had been patchy and they had not kept abreast of all the new features in Workday.

Against this landscape, they had acquired Terminix (another Workday user) whose tenant was functionally much richer than their own.

They needed clarity on the current state and the effort that was needed to prepare each tenant for the merge of the two Workday tenants.

What we did

Preos worked with Rentokil to understand the challenges, define their objectives and map out the scope of the review. We then assessed the configuration of the Workday tenant, including processes, security, data quality, and unadopted features.

We made recommendations about organisation structures, job architecture, security model, global and local configurations, report catalogue, authentication, and integrations), validating the overall system integrity.

Using our process assessment tools we reviewed existing business processes and approval framework, identified issues and modelled the impact of process changes.

Through a series of audit reports, we checked data quality and accuracy, prioritising critical data fields
Finally, we reviewed unadopted features and modules, geographical and functional coverage gaps suggesting quick wins and an adoption roadmap.

The result

The client had a clear prioritised view on the changes that were required in their tenants. This provided a view of the sequencing for optimal benefit, the effort required. The recommendations also gave Rentokil confidence that the changes they were making in Workday would usefully prepare them for the merger, but also form a solid foundation for the work needed to fill both the functional and geographical gaps.

Image (c) Shutterstock |  metamorworks