The Future of Talent Acquisition: Workday Meets AI

In sectors such as Retail, Manufacturing, and Hospitality, talent acquisition remains a constant challenge. High attrition, ramping up for new openings, or bracing for peak seasons demand a talent pipeline filled with the right candidates and placed in the right role – fast. 

Workday’s acquisition of Hired Score, I believe, is poised to reshape this landscape. The technology works hand in hand with Workday Recruiting to make a streamlined, balanced, and efficient way of increasing headcount, with an eye on identifying the talent who are likely to thrive.

 Workday’s Evergreen Solution  

Workday Recruiting assists with the high volume of vacancies with their Evergreen Requisition process. It allows users to create a ‘bucket’ for candidates to reside in once they have applied. Recruiters can then move candidates to a suitable Job Requisition where they can progress in their quest for employment.

By using Evergreen Requisitions, the clutter on External Career Sites is drastically reduced, it’s more manageable, and simplifies the job search experience for prospective candidates with fewer jobs advertised.

Candidate Grading Powered by AI

The newly acquired HiredScore then comes into play with its AI platform to grade the Candidate based on many factors. The platform evaluates candidates based on a host of variables, such as previous applications in a location, if they are a referrer candidate, legal permissions to work, relevant industry experience, skill compatibility, and overall experience.

All the gathered information on the candidate allows HiredScore to grade the candidate for the specific Job Requisition and allows the recruiter to make an informed decision on whether they feel they are suitable for the role or not. Now, this grade provided is only a guide, but it’s a fantastic way of assisting recruiters with their screening.

Tale of Transformation

Recently, A Workday Customer in the manufacturing industry implemented Workday Recruiting and HiredScore. They noticed that the use of AI made it twice as likely for a candidate to get to the offer stage.

Recruiters only needed to review around 30% of the candidates who applied, and 80% of filled requisitions were done so with talent that was already in their candidate database. This meant that the recruiters could concentrate their time on high-potential candidates who were more likely to be successful in their application and significantly enhance their recruitment cycle efficiency.

Harmonisation Between Workday and HiredScore

For the day-to-day use of both Workday Recruiting and HiredScore, there is a clear harmonisation that exists between the two. You can take actions in HiredScore against candidates which are reflected in Workday in real-time. This includes moving candidates to the next stage in the Job Application process whilst still obeying the condition rules that might exist in Workday.

If you are looking to perform high-volume recruitment, then I would suggest it’s advisable to carry out the bulk of the initial candidate screening in HiredScore. Once you have meaningful contact with a candidate, Workday Recruiting should then become the dominant platform.

A new era for HR and Recruiters

I believe that this collaboration between Workday and HiredScore is the solution that companies with high-volume recruiting have been searching for. 

It introduces an innovative approach that not only comprehends the unique pressures of Retail, Manufacturing, and Hospitality but also offers a solution that brings the entire recruitment lifecycle into sharp relief for HR professionals and recruiters.

It’s an exciting time for recruiters and shows there is a light at the end of the never-ending stream of vacancies to fill.

About Adam

Adam is a Workday Certified Functional Lead Consultant (Recruiting, Talent & Performance, HCM and Launch) specialising in Recruiting. Adam has been Workday certified since 2017 leading many multinational projects over a large range of different industries. Since 2013, Adam has been implementing Recruiting solutions for IBM Kenexa, Alight and now Preos.

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