Introducing Workday into your organisation is a game-changer, bringing about transformational benefits for your business. However, without successful adoption, you won’t be able to fully realise the benefits.

That’s where change management comes in.

Preos specialises in change management for Workday after deployment. We help ensure the successful adoption of new modules and geographies, as well as optimise existing Workday use. We believe that change management is not just a nice-to-have but a critical component to achieving the maximum benefits from your Workday investment. 

Benefit from personalised change management strategies, designed through stakeholder understanding and pain point analysis.

We help you secure long-term success by fostering a culture of continuous improvement within Workday’s release cycles.

Whether you are implementing new modules, expanding geographies, or optimising usage, our Change Management service spans the entire life cycle of your Workday product.

case study

Preos supported Capri Holdings to migrate China-based locations to Workday. This included training and advocacy to achieve a 97% user adoption rate.

read the capri case study

ask yourself

  • Do you know why your organisation wanted Workday and what the expected benefits are?
  • What indicators are you tracking to ensure you are on target to deliver these benefits?
  • Do you have leadership alignment and governance in place to support the delivery of these benefits?
  • How will you know when you have realised your expected benefits?
  • How will you measure the value of any benefits?

Preos can help.

At Preos, we consider change management to be a cornerstone of all Workday-related change needed over the entire lifecycle of your Workday product.

We help you ensure Workday is adopted and used effectively, helping you get the most out of your investment.

why consider change management with preos?

  • Our Change Managers know Workday. They deliver not just change management expertise, but also insights to boost Workday usability.
  • We collaborate with you to fine-tune Workday, setting a direct path to deliver expected benefits and realise the return on investment detailed in your business case.
  • Workday is powerful when fully embraced. Our change management strategies prioritise the people affected, driving user adoption by focusing on changes that s.implify and improve the user experience.

The unique perspective of Change Managers

Change managers bring fresh insight when it comes to Workday. They not only help your organisation manage change effectively but can contribute to making the system more user-friendly.

Our experts work with your leaders to identify the most helpful dashboards, guide designing contextual help, collaborate with consultants to address process issues and assist the support team in maximising the use of ESS and MSS.

Embrace the ever-evolving world of Workday

Workday constantly evolves and improves, and simply investing in it is not enough to reap the benefits. If your team are neglecting to use the system or not keeping up with changes it can result in a significant loss of investment.

With Change Management, we work with you to optimise the system and establish a path towards realising the expected benefits and achieving the return on investment outlined in your business case.

“Preos has consistently added real value. We like the way they engender trust in our team and provide the flexibility and pace that we really value in our high-end global fashion business.

We also like the way they work with us – it’s been a lot of fun as well as hard work on both sides.”

Evonne Delaney, Vice President Global Total Rewards & Workday, Capri Holdings Limited

Change that puts people first is change that lasts

Workday is designed to empower people, but it’s only effective when they adopt it. Successful change initiatives prioritise the people impacted by them. To drive user adoption, changes must make workers’ lives easier.

Our holistic approach examines your entire organisational structure and processes, ensuring they interact seamlessly with Workday.

what does change management with preos look like?


Preos Discover icon - binoculars

Understand your stakeholders and business structures. We prioritise your desired outcomes and business benefits.


Preos Assess icon - Magnifying Glass

Interview stakeholders and analyse pain points, causes of adoption issues, helpdesk calls, governance, stakeholder engagement
and readiness.


Preos Recommend icon - Lightbulb

Share findings and make recommendations with a change management plan that includes recommended communication channels, metrics and progress indicators.


Preos Optimisation icon - Cog

Embed ongoing change management tools and processes alongside the Workday release processes. Provide tools to measure
and demonstrate
delivered value.


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