Organisations are constantly evolving, driven by factors such as acquisitions, divestitures or global expansion. To stay ahead, your Workday configuration needs to evolve. That’s where our New Module Implementation service comes in.

Preos implements new modules into your existing Workday set-up and new geographies. We bring deep expertise and help you stay ahead.

ask yourself

  • Are you paying for Workday modules you don’t use?
  • Have you made an acquisition that needs to be brought into Workday?
  • Do you have countries that weren’t part of your original deployment?
  • Do you have licences coming up for renewal for systems providing functionality that could be provided by Workday?
  • Has your organisation gone through a significant restructure that isn’t reflected in Workday?

Preos can help.

We evaluate your licensing strategy to help replace external system functionalities with Workday, where possible, to maximise its capabilities and value.

We assist in incorporating all operational countries into Workday, streamlining international operations for uniformity across all locations.

Our unique DARO methodology (Discovery, Analysis, Recommendations, Optimisation), combined with Workday’s methodology, optimises the implementation process, reducing risk and cost while adding value to your organisation.

case study

With the help of Preos, Avis implemented new modules to transform their recruitment process, reducing time-to-hire, improving candidate quality, and enhancing visibility into the talent pipeline.

avis case study

why you might need it

Whether adapting to acquisitions, expanding globally, or optimising processes, we ensure your Workday instance remains aligned.

Stop paying for unused modules and start integrating new entities effortlessly and streamlining your international operations.

What does Preos New Module Implementation Look Like?


Preos Discover icon - binoculars

Ensure we understand your existing tenant and its core structures, current subscriptions, peripheral technology and your
strategic direction.


Preos Assess icon - Magnifying Glass

Assess required capability against existing systems, layer on existing renewal dates, strategic direction
and where additional capability can be exploited
in existing systems.


Preos Recommend icon - Lightbulb

Identify opportunities for synergy and consolidation, and the optimal way to deploy new modules, geographies or structures to minimise rework and implementation cost.


Preos Optimisation icon - Cog

Implement the prioritised recommendations following the Workday methodology.


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