Case Study: How Avis found a robust recruiting solution with Workday

Avis, a global car rental company, was faced with a big decision: the licensing agreements for their standalone recruiting technology were up for renewal. They also identified a gap in their candidate management capabilities. Avis had a choice to make, Workday or explore best-in-breed alternatives.

To address these challenges, they turned to Preos, who acted as the Systems Integrator for this phase X project.

A comprehensive Workday Core System & Process review and high-level roadmap planning resulted in a highly efficient and integrated landscape for Avis. This included not only Workday Recruiting but also job board integrations and Beamery, which allowed Avis to manage candidates more effectively.

The Challenge

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Avis experienced a surge in recruiting activity, which exposed limitations in its existing recruiting solution.

Avis needed a robust recruiting product, but they were unsure whether to choose Workday or explore best-in-breed alternatives. Additionally, Avis faced foundational issues with Workday that needed to be resolved before recruiting could sit on top.

They also required integrations with their CRM, recruiting sites, and background check systems, which added to the complexity of the project.

What We Did

To help Avis overcome their recruiting challenges, we provided them with a comprehensive walkthrough of Workday Recruiting features and limitations, enabling them to make an informed decision about their selection.

We also facilitated meetings with third-party providers to explore possible integration options.

After Avis selected Workday as their recruiting solution, we developed a detailed project plan for the deployment of Workday Recruiting. This included an 8-week review of their organisational structures, processes, compensation plans, security model, worker unadopted features, and staffing model. Through this thorough review process, we identified areas of improvement to streamline their recruiting process.

The Result

After conducting the comprehensive Workday Core System & Process Review, our team identified several areas of opportunity for optimisation.

By providing advisory support on Workday staffing models, we were able to inform our decision-making process on the to-be design. Following this, we agreed on a six-month project plan to deploy Workday Recruiting with integrations.

The project was divided into three phases: Architect, Configure, and Test, all of which were completed successfully.

Through a strong partnership and collaborative approach, in April 2022, we were able to successfully deploy Workday Recruiting and integrate it with other systems enabling Avis to manage candidates more effectively.

Whether you’re facing a surge in recruiting activity or foundational issues with your current Workday solution, we can help. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your Workday needs.

Image (c) Shutterstock | SFIO CRACHO