Case Study: Proactive release management for a major retail bank

After the Workday 2022R1 feature release weekend, a major UK bank found their Workday home screen had unexpectedly changed in production for all users. This highly visible change, which had not been communicated to their organisation, led them to re-evaluate their release management.

The challenge

A large UK bank did not have a well-established process for managing the regular Workday feature releases. This impacted their ability to take full advantage of new features as they were made available in Sandbox Preview and Production. It also meant they were not effectively planning for their optimization roadmap, or proactively managing upcoming changes with their user population.

After the incident, they asked Preos for help in putting a rigorous release management process in place.

What we did

Preos started with discovery activities to understand the existing processes and activities in place to manage the Workday releases. From there, we worked with the client to align their existing release management processes, which were required for all technology changes, to the Workday release cycles. This focussed specifically on feature and impact analysis, the deployment and test activities, to change management, communications, and training.

The result

The client was able to proactively manage the Workday release cycles and build the associated activity into their other post-production and Workday enhancement services.

The result was increased internal confidence in their control over the release processes and more certainty they would not have any unexpected issues or audit challenges.

It also enabled the client to benefit from Workday’s weekly services updates by providing a framework for the features and patches to be analysed, impact assessed and implemented into production in a controlled way.

Whether you want to manage Workday releases in-house and need support structuring and embedding this process, or you want an end-to-end service for release management, Preos can help you take full advantage of the continuous enhancements in the Workday releases and realise the associated value.

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Image (c) Shutterstock | GaudiLab