Case Study: How roadmap planning consolidated HR technology systems by 65%


A large recently divested global technology services company needed to replace large parts of their HR technology landscape. Preos developed a roadmap which consolidated the HR technology by reducing standalone systems and integrations by over 65%.


The challenge

The business was splitting from a parent organisation and listing separately on the NYSE and their technology strategy was to move to a small number of strategic platforms for their core operational toolset.

The legacy Workday solution was very narrow in scope, with significant complexity driven by lack of centralised governance and limited standardisation across geographies. The tenant had been tactically rather than strategically maintained.

The complex integrations landscape needs simplification and some challenging TSA deadlines and tools that were not particularly fit for purpose created some difficulties in identifying where to start.

Many different legacy payroll, time and attendance solutions needed consolidating, some requiring Workday HCM changes as prerequisites.

The organisation needed Workday to act as a strategic solution within a new systems architecture.
Their commitment to being a much leaner and agile organisation meant the HR processes need to be optimised and standardised, and the employee experience significantly improved.

What we did

Launched a review of the tenant, the support solutions and wider people-related architecture. Through a series of interviews the process ‘pain points’ were analysed to support identification of priority areas to be fixed and optimised. The CIO, CHRO and COO teams were brought together to co-create business priorities and objectives to guide development of a roadmap. Roadmap create using the objectives, TSA and other system subscription deadlines, commercial drivers, employee experience and optimal sequencing of the Workday implementation to ensure minimal rework and interim solutions.

A documented roadmap with the Scope, Business Benefits, Main Risks with mitigations, Prerequisites, Dependencies and Impacts of each roadmap component was created. This formed the basis of a high-level plan showing sequencing, effort and key costs.

Alongside this, Preos provided commercial and technical advisory support to ensure the client maximised their Workday subscription.

The result

Quick wins identified for Year 1 of a 3-year roadmap to deliver fast results for the business.
The three-year roadmap was used to socialise the transformation programme and bring the various stakeholders on board with an understanding of the prioritisation and a clear view of where their contribution would be required.

Tenant reset taking place in Year 1 to put strong foundations in place for a multi-year programme of work. Business case created to support the investment required to deliver the roadmap activities within a wider transformation program. Mobilisation of full team to execute the program.

Image (c) Unsplash | airfocus