Introducing Workday Time Tracking to comply with new German legislation

Clocking on for Time Measurement

Earlier in 2022, Germany became the latest country to implement guidelines from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to bring in new laws requiring employers to track the working time of their employees.

This move marked a change from the exception-based recording, which previously required most employees to track only Mehrarbeit (additional working time).

The good news for Workday customers is that Workday Time Tracking will help them to comply with these new requirements.

What is Workday Time Tracking?

Workday describes its Time Tracking feature in the following way:

“A consumer-driven, global time-and-attendance application. This cloud application works seamlessly with Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), Workday Payroll, Workday Absence Management, and Workday Projects to provide global organisations with a complete end-to-end user experience that works on the web and mobile devices, or with a physical time clock. Workday Time Tracking helps organisations increase worker productivity, reduce labour costs, and minimise compliance risks.”

Configuration Options

Workday Time Tracking has several options for tracking employees’ working time. These include a virtual clock, which employees use to clock in and out, or simply record their total working hours each day

The feature can deduct breaks from working time automatically, and calculate any extra hours, such as weekend work, that need to be paid at a premium. It also enables employers to set up alerts and validations, if, for example, an employee is required to take a 12-hour gap between shifts.

As of R2-2022, Workday has introduced Time Accumulators, which makes it easier to keep track of Gleitzeit (flex time) requirements in Germany and many other European countries.

Get help implementing Workday Time Tracking

If you are on top of Release Management, you may already be well prepared for this new release as part of your Workday Roadmap. If, however, you’d like help dealing with the complexities of configuring Time Tracking to the often-complex German requirements, Preos can help.

Our expertise in deploying time tracking and absence throughout Europe, combined with our understanding of Workday functionality, means we’re well-placed to support you when introducing, updating or configuring this useful new feature.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we can help.

Image (c) Susanne Plank from Pixabay