Case Study: The IFCO Journey with Workday Enhancement Services

Have you ever found yourself questioning if you should get more value from your Application Management Services (AMS)? You’re not alone.

Many customers were in similar situations. That’s why Preos introduced Workday Enhancement Services (WES) – a solution designed to answer the needs of many Workday customers.

Piloting WES was a collaboration with some great clients, including IFCO Systems. Their insights and feedback were instrumental in shaping the service.

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IFCO Systems, a global leader in sustainable packaging solutions, has been a Workday customer for over a decade. Their heavy reliance on AMS didn’t foster proactive problem-solving or knowledge transfer, leaving them perpetually dependent on their AMS provider.

It led Stephen Barnett, Global head of Reward and HRIS at IFCO, to seek a solution that encouraged a two-way exchange of knowledge and skills.

The Approach

Enter Workday Enhancement Services (WES), a partnership model designed to help you maximise the value of your Workday investments. Caroline Eder, Product and Service Development Director at Preos explains that WES is more than just a support service – it’s a way to enhance your platform while building internal team capabilities.

IFCO invited Preos to conduct a core system and process review, which led to an optimisation project aimed at refining their workday experience. As part of this process, IFCO partnered with Preos to pilot the new WES service.

The Result

Preos provided support around training, development of materials, release management, and change management. It helped IFCO identify valuable enhancements and develop a roadmap to prioritise implementation.

One area where WES truly shone was in improving the IFCO annual salary review process. The IFCO Workday system was re-engineered to be fit for purpose, leading to higher engagement from HR teams, managers, and employees involved in the process.

A Word from IFCO

Stephen describes the transformation: “Through a trusting relationship with the WES consultants, we’re more confident. They understand our operating level and coach us to seek solutions for ourselves.” He adds that the IFCO team feels “more empowered and productive,” viewing the WES consultants as an extension of their own team.

The most significant benefit? We’re getting much more value out of Workday, which ultimately is the goal here.”

The WES pilot with IFCO has delivered value. Stephen concludes: “I’d have no hesitation in recommending WES. It would be a real enhancement to your team”

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