Case Study: The IFCO Journey with Workday Enhancement Services

How IFCO improved their Workday experience.

IFCO is a global leader in reusable packaging for fresh foods. They partnered with Preos to improve their use of Workday using Workday Enhancement Services.

IFCO has been a Workday customer for over a decade. They struggled to maximise the platform’s potential due to heavy reliance on their AMS provider.

This reliance hindered knowledge transfer and internal capability development. It kept IFCO from proactively fixing issues, leaving them perpetually dependent on their AMS provider. Seeking a solution, they partnered with Workday Enhancement Services by Preos.

The Solution

Preos worked closely with IFCO to understand their organisational intricacies and tailor solutions to fit. The partnership focused on sharing knowledge and tailored support to improve IFCO’s Workday experience

Training, release management support, and change management empowered IFCO’s team. This collaborative approach enabled IFCO to prioritise and develop a roadmap for future releases whilst having a reliable and value-adding Workday support model.

The Result

IFCO is experiencing significant advantages from the WES Workday support model. Problems are addressed proactively with root cause analysis to ensure not just temporary fixes, but lasting resolutions.

The IFCO team have the confidence to explore solutions independently, fostering a culture of inquiry and self-sufficiency.

IFCO overhauled its annual salary review process. The reengineering of their Workday system has resulted in higher engagement levels from HR teams, managers, and employees.

Higher engagement across IFCO HR, managers, and employees.
Shifted from AMS reliance to Workday self-sufficiency,
Tailored support matching team skills.
Focused resources on strategic, value-adding projects.

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Workday Enhancement Services (WES) by Preos is a support model for Workday customers. WES goes beyond fixing issues. With WES, you have a strategic partner that optimises your Workday experience and maximises your return on investment.

We partner with you to help you fully leverage Workday, manage releases and backlogs and provide expert guidance to coach your team towards self-sufficiency. WES is the Workday support model for organisations seeking a progressive and empowering support model.

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