Preos Introduces Workday Enhancement Services

As the Services Development Director at Preos, it is with real excitement that I introduce our latest offering, Workday Enhancement Services (WES).  

Workday Enhancement Services (WES) was born out of a need widely recognised within the Workday ecosystem and communicated to Preos by many of our clients – the need for greater post-go-live support focussed on increasing the value clients derive from Workday. 

Traditional Application Management Services (AMS) have their place, but they come with inherent limitations. From high staff turnover rates to the lack of a consultative approach in ticket-based delivery models, the challenges are numerous – as we have written about in previous articles. We set out to create a solution that truly adds value to your Workday experience. 

With Workday Enhancement Services, it’s not just about a named Workday consultant offering face-to-face support, it’s about growing your internal capability, providing solutions tailored to your unique needs, and enabling your organisation to maximise value from Workday. Our goal is not just to manage issues, but to prevent them.

During our pilot phase, we collaborated with Workday customers – one of these was IFCO Solutions. Their invaluable insights and feedback, along with great input and challenge from the wider team here at Preos, have helped shape WES into a robust solution that enables clients to deliver more value to their businesses, so a huge thank you to all those who have contributed. 

We’re not just announcing a new service but initiating a conversation about deriving greater ongoing value from your investment in Workday. Traditional AMS, while well-intentioned, leans very heavily towards ‘fixing things that go wrong’ and ‘keeping the lights on’. This focus often distracts customers from even considering whether they are getting substantial value from the service.

Investment decisions are typically strategic and outcome-focused. Shouldn’t your investment in your Workday support services be the same?

We think so.

You should be able to clearly see and measure this value – in the improved maturity and user experience of Workday in your organisation, in your team’s performance and confidence, and in your ability to respond to business needs.

Here’s to a future of enhanced Workday experiences!

If you want to learn more about how Workday Enhancement Services (WES) can help you ensure your organisation maximises value from Workday, contact us today. 

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