Preos highlights from Workday Rising EMEA 2023

Workday Rising EMEA unfolded this November with an abundance of insights and ideas. As gold sponsors of the event, the Preos team had the privilege of attending. 

Below, we’ve compiled the team’s top takeaways and highlights to give you a glimpse into the event and how it will shape our services moving forward to ensure we continue to support our clients in maximising the value from their Workday investments.

The Impact of AI on Job Losses 

Carl Eschenbach’s discussion highlighted the impact of AI on job losses in Finance and HR functions. The challenge now is to refocus and retrain people to provide more value-added services. This is something we will continue to monitor closely at Preos.

David Cruise, Group CEO, Preos

Workday Extend and AMS alternatives 

I really loved learning more about Workday Extend and the opportunity to speak about the hidden overhead of AMS. It was great to hear insights from lots of attendees as to why and how they think the AMS model is broken. It demonstrated the need for value-adding alternatives like Workday Enhancement Services to better support clients. Finally, it was amazing to reconnect with so many friends and people I have worked with over the years.

Caroline Eder, Services Development Director, Preos

Reflecting on the Preos and Michael Kors Workday Optimisation Session

I had lots of great conversations about the session I hosted with Micheal Kors on Workday optimisation. It was good to see the session resonate with so many attendees, many of whom exchanged stories with each other on how challenging it can be to stay abreast of all the features and functionality released by Workday each year with limited internal resources. I am hopeful that we can support even more customers to get more from Workday. 

Ben Dudley, Client Director, Preos

Leveraging AI in Workday 

Many of the attendees that I spoke to all described that they have a genuine desire to make use of AI in Workday to generate insights and improve customer performance. There was a genuine sense that we are moving past the period of it just being jargon and that it is actionable now. 

Also, our Workday Enhancement Services (WES) garnered significant attention. Many people want something more sophisticated than the traditional AMS because there is an unrelenting drive to realise every cent of value from their Workday investment, underlining the importance of our service in helping clients achieve this goal.

Shane Lee, Client Director, Preos

Workday Enhancement Services (WES)

What I most enjoyed about Workday Rising was sharing this experience with my colleagues and witnessing the excitement of Workday customers when discussing our new service, Workday Enhancement Services (WES). Plus, navigating the vibrant streets of Barcelona while looking for a taxi felt like a team-building exercise in its own right! 

Silvia Coran, Project Manager, Preos

New Trends

I enjoyed catching up with Preos clients and learning about new trends such as AI so that we can continue to support our clients in new ways. There was a focus on existing modules and how to maximise value. Also, the positive response to our new service, Workday Enhancement Services (WES) was a highlight.

Deniz Gemici, Domain Lead, Preos

Collective Strength and Knowledge Sharing

The highlight for me at Workday Rising was the chance to collaborate in person with the wider Preos team. This event showcased the collective strength and value we provide when we work together. The braindates were equally enjoyable enabling us to meet new people and share ideas and experiences.

Adam Strugnell, Domain Lead, Preos


Attending Workday Rising again in Barcelona was a fantastic experience. The warm weather was a welcome bonus! I had the opportunity to speak with many colleagues, customers, and former colleagues. Hosting several braindates allowed me to hear firsthand how organisations are using Workday and offer suggestions for improvements.

Gemma Fletcher, Domain Lead, Preos

Team Collaboration

One of the highlights of Workday Rising was the opportunity to work closely with the Preos team in a different setting. We’ve been able to share and develop ideas that will help us deliver even more value to our clients. 

Verity Gooch, Workday Consultant, Preos

The Need for Continuous Support

The event reaffirmed the need for continuous support and optimisation post-Workday implementation. Seeing the numerous ways companies are leveraging Workday to enhance their business performance reinforced our commitment to helping clients optimise their Workday usage. It was a great opportunity to showcase how Preos can play a vital role in this process. 

Rachel Jarvis, Marketing Manager, Preos

If you would like to find out more about how you can optimise your Workday then please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information – we’d love to hear from you.