Workday Adoption Acceleration

We recommend ways to make Workday easier and more satisfying to use so more of your staff do so.


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We gather data about where Workday is being used consistently and where adoption is low.


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We explore the story behind the data to understand why Workday is not fully used.


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We recommend ways to make Workday easier and more satisfying to use so more of your staff use it.


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We give you an actionable plan to maximise adoption. 

Low levels of user adoption undermine Workday’s effectiveness. Preos brings a range of tools to organisations to drive adoption.

In-Solution Tool Deployment

User experience can often be improved through the deployment of user support solutions that help navigation and completion of complex or infrequently used functionality

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Split Screen

Give users access to the tools they need to self-serve their own success


Guide users through critical business processes with field-by-field support

Smart Pages

Communicate change to users and deal tactically with process or system adoption challenges

User Analytics

Analytics are used to assess user interaction with Workday, identify user drop off hot spots and assess solutions

Core Analytics

Identify adoption challenges across the business and respond to them with speed

Advanced Analytics

Allows you to correlate data from analytics solutions with system usage and support data

Adoption Tool Selection

Adoption tools support speed and accuracy of process completion

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Walk Me

Digital Adoption Platform

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