What if AMS Actually Was Value Add?

What If AMS Actually Was Value Add?

Last week David Cruise wrote about how AMS (Application Management Services) provides Low Value, Low Return. David mentioned that I have been leading the charge on how we think Workday customers should be supported to ensure they get High Value, High Return. We will have more news to share at Workday Rising EMEA but for now, I wanted to pose a few questions for you all to think about. 

What if you could have a service that focused on case elimination and not on managing high volumes of cases to a rapid close? We think that adds more value to your organisation.

And if, while focusing on case elimination, what if you could work with experts that deliver skills improvements in your HRIS and Finance Systems support teams so your internal team become more and more self-sufficient over time? That might be a better focus for your business rather than spending time managing your AMS partner so they properly fix an issue, not just do enough to close the ticket.

And what if you could have a working relationship with your partner based on conversation, discussion and collaboration? What if you could always talk to the same experienced and highly skilled consultant? To us, that sounds like a much more positive working relationship than one based on tickets, hours and SLAs.

And what if you had a partner who actively helped you manage the feature releases, maximising their potential instead of taking just the mandated changes? That would make the Workday release significantly more valuable to your business.

And what if, at the same time as going through the release, a load of backlog items were cleared so even more value is added to your workers, managers and business leaders? That would have a massive impact on the perceived value of your function in the business.

And what if, over time, you could switch off your AMS service, because you can manage Workday within your own organisation, only needing to call in experts when you have a gnarly problem to solve? That could save your business a lot of money and set your organisation up to use more of the Workday solutions that you just don’t have the time and money to invest in right now. 

Sounds good, right? We’ve been working with Preos customers to pilot a new way of supporting clients. Be among the first to learn about our upcoming new service. Sign up today to stay in the loop.