Maximising Value with Workday 2023 R2 Essential Guide

Workday is a powerful tool, yet we know that making the most of its regular updates can be challenging. We’re here to help simplify the process and ensure you extract maximum value from each release.

Every new Workday release brings fresh functionalities and enhancements to your organisation, and the upcoming Workday 2023 R2 release is no different. 

As a trusted Workday partner, we’ve prepared a user-friendly guide to the Workday 2023 R2 Release. Our team of certified Workday experts, with their wealth of experience, have created this guide to highlight standout features of the latest release to help you plan and make the most of new functions offered to your organisation. 

With clear sections, it breaks down the complex details of the release, helping you to maximise the potential of these new features in your organisation’s operations.

If you have any questions about the Workday 2023 R2 Release or Release Management, our team of experienced Workday consultants is here to help.

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