Case Study: Integrating existing systems with Workday through an infrastructure review

A large financial services organization struggled to identify a master source of people data to feed their Identity Access Management system (IDAM).

Preos analysed their landscape and identified the opportunity to better integrate the IDAM with Workday through a two-way API integration. In parallel, we recommended the organisation’s contingent worker population be transferred to Workday, creating a single source of worker data.

The challenge

The organisation maintained employee and contractor data across procurement systems, identity systems and directly in Active Directory. This resulted in no single authoritative source of worker status, creating control and audit risks across the Joiner, Mover and Leaver processes.

In addition, the organisation faced the challenge of managing multiple ID formats and struggled to transition workers from between contingent and permanent contracts. Furthermore, the plethora of systems contributed to architectural complexity, poor utilisation of systems, and unnecessary technology spending.

What we did

Preos conducted an infrastructure review to catalogue and assess the organisation’s current technology landscape. The review created a detailed “as is” architectural and data flow diagram in order to identify points of potential duplication within the technology stack. Building upon this assessment, the team ran a fit-gap analysis to understand the existing service and licence commitments and provide a roadmap to streamline processes and mitigate the identified risks and issues.

This led to a recommendation focused on expanding the organisation’s Workday footprint to include contingent workers while building enhanced integrations between Workday and the organisation’s IAM.

The result

Having implemented the recommendations from the roadmap, the organization was able to consolidate the entry of all worker data to Workday, ensuring audit compliance and generating savings in license and maintenance costs. In parallel, the enhanced integration capability delivered between Workday and the IAM system provided the organization with timely enablement and disablement of system access.

As an added benefit, the enhancements created efficiencies in the hiring and onboarding processes and allowed contingent and permanent workers to transition between contract types with no additional administrative overhead.  

Image (c) Unsplash | Jason Goodman