Now we are one

1st birthday cake

As we reach the first anniversary of the launch of Preos and the end of our trading year, I wanted to share some thoughts about an exhilarating and eventful twelve months. 

Preos people are special

I need to acknowledge the massive contribution made by all our employees and associates. Without their expertise, hard work, and commitment to Preos, we could not have delivered such an outstanding performance in our first year.

It sounds trite to say our people are our greatest asset, but that doesn’t make it any less accurate.  

When we launched Preos, we prioritised investment in our people – providing training, development, fair rewards, and interesting work. 

We continue to push ourselves to increase the support we give to our teams and make Preos a destination for talented people who want an exciting career in the Workday world. 

In our first few weeks, the team agreed on the values we believe are central to our culture. We want our culture to reflect the best of our people and to have a positive impact on how we work with our clients and partners.

We agreed four keywords that summarise and shape our culture. 

  • Respect for what everyone brings to the business, enabling us to get the best from each other and helping us grow as individuals. 
  • Ambition drives us to improve how we work and deliver for our clients.
  • Passion means we are always looking to do better and acknowledge great contributions. 
  • Innovation means we strive to find new ways to manage the business and deliver our projects. 

Stick to the Knitting

We started the company with a simple proposition: Workday Optimisation.

We help organisations get the most out of their investment in Workday. We will continue to focus on that core proposition, evolving our methodology, tools, delivery mechanisms, and structures to develop our expertise further. 

Many years ago, business gurus Tom Peters and Robert Waterman said excellent businesses stick to the knitting. They focus on what they know best so they can concentrate on making the company and the service it provides the best it can be. 

We have not wavered from the core of what we do and have no intention of doing so as we continue to evolve our business to better help our customers optimise Workday.

Blips, bumps and boulders

Launching a new business is exhilarating and challenging. We have had our fair share of bumps along the way: client service hasn’t always been up to the standards we target; we haven’t had the time to address the deficiencies we know exist in our management system, and we want to do better for our team.

But we’re good at raising issues early and implementing solutions. And we’ve learned from the things we did not get right the first time. 

If we don’t continually look at how we can do better, our clients will not get the results they deserve from their investment and trust in us. We want to do brilliant work and have long term relationships with our clients. And we will only get that by learning from the blips, bumps and boulders to smooth the way for the future.

Numerical nimbleness

We set out to have a solid financial base allowing us to be a strong, independent business unbeholden to external stakeholders. And we’ve hit that target. 

When you are growing fast, you don’t have time to build business cases and analyse spending decisions in detail. You have to keep adjusting the plans, watching the trends, make nimble forecasts and quick decisions, and have the confidence to address issues when they arise.

Not everything can be a priority. Choosing what we focus on with limited resources has been vital. 

Client Credits

Finally, we are nothing without our clients. Thank you to all of you that have chosen to work with us. We appreciate it was a leap of faith and hope you feel it was worth taking. 

We appreciate it when you recognise good work and the feedback on how we can improve. The fact that we get repeat business from many clients suggests we are getting things right, and we will continue to improve and develop our delivery capability.

We look forward to the next twelve months with a combination of pride in our people and what we have achieved together and humility in our recognition that our success is not a given. We know we need to continue to work doubly hard to maintain our momentum and help our clients optimise Workday. 

And we’re ready. 

Image (c) Shutterstock | Ink Drop