Workday User Adoption Strategy Session.

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Limited slots available – 27 and 28 June 2023

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These personalised strategy sessions are designed to address your specific Workday user adoption challenges and help you make immediate progress. 

Let us help you kick-start meaningful conversations and drive effective adoption strategies within your organisation. 

Book now and leverage expert knowledge to maximise the power of Workday:

  • Discuss your unique and top challenges.
  • Tap into expert knowledge – we can share best practices and practical tips to support you.
  • We can guide you in building a strong business case and provide insights on where to start your journey towards improved user adoption.

About your expert:

Chat one-on-one with Ildi Haraszi, Head of User Adoption and Change Management at Preos. With her extensive experience, Ildi develops pragmatic solutions that increase adoption rates and seamlessly integrate Workday as an everyday tool, enabling your organisation to optimise its return on investment.

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